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The Preferred Maintenance Agreement


Sometimes the best way to manage household expenses is to plan ahead! Our Preferred Maintenance Agreement makes it easy to do that. This is an annual preventative maintenance agreement that provides for seasonal semi-annual tunes ups plus some discounts to boot!

You will receive a Spring and a Fall tune up, as well as a 5% discount on equipment and 15% discount on any services on the covered system throughout the term of the agreement. The first unit is $129.00 for the year and additional units receive a discount of $10; so they are $119.00 each.

The following is included with the tune up:

Monitor: Burner Assembly, Flue Draft, Refrigerant Pressure, Blower Operations, & Thermostat Operation. Measure: Volts and Amperage on Motors & Compressors, & Temperature Difference between Supply & Return.

Clean: Flame Sensor & the condensate drains.

Inspect: Heat Exchanger, Indoor Evaporator Coil & Outdoor Condensing Coil.

Test: Start Capabilities & Safety Controls. Check Air Filters Tighten Electrical Connections 

After our qualified technicians complete the tune up, they will provide you with a progress update. They will identify any equipment that might be beginning to fail or that should be replaced immediately. It's a great way to plan ahead and reduce unexpected expenses from your HVAC maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement Helps with Planning Ahead

Preventative Maintenance Agreement Helps with Planning Ahead